To exist a debate between the Efi Ahtsioglou and the Stefanos Kasaselakis asked the vice-president of the European Parliament and head of the Eurogroup of SYRIZA-P.S. Dimitris Papadimoulis, speaking on the SKAI show “Today”.

“It is necessary to have a televised debate between Ahtsioglou and Kasselakis and I believe that both of them should accept, because it will help the unity and perspective of the area” said Mr. Papadimoulis.

At the same time, he referred to great participation of the people in yesterday’s elections which is “a message of hope and responsibility for SYRIZA. SYRIZA showed that it has a pulse,” he said.

Regarding the lead that Stefanos Kasselakis has, he commented that this “gives a point to Mr. Kasselakis, but it would be wrong to say that the second round is over.”

As he characteristically said, “I also supported I will again support the candidacy of Efi Ahtsioglou. The difference is less than 9 points. There is a percentage of 20% collected by the other 3 candidates who were excluded, there is also a pool of SYRIZA members who did not go to vote.”

Risk of decomposition

Regarding whether there is a risk of a split in the party, he said that the 145,000 who went and voted “gave us a strong mandate of unity”.

Finally, Mr. Papadimoulis complained that Efi Ahtsioglou received intense sexist attacks in the last few days and Mr. Kasselakis homophobic ones.