The climate crisis brings upheavals to the lives of all of us and requires us to adapt to the new needs, the Minister of State said on SKAI 100.3 radio. Akis Schertsos.

As he mentioned, we need a new normality and to bring the Greek government into the present era.

Asked about the disasters in Thessaly since the bad weather, he pointed out that mobile units of the EODY and health centers are already going door to door to the citizens.

“The goal is to transform the public health structures so that they go to every village, to the elderly, and offer health services as is done in Thessaly at the moment,” stressed Mr. Skertsos.

He also mentioned that efforts are being made in schools that have suffered serious damage to have telectrical education from next week and pointed out that announcements will be made tomorrow by the Ministry of Education.

At the same time, a new record will be made of the way the irrigation and anti-flood works should work in the Thessalian Plain.

For the internal party elections in SYRIZA commented that renewal cannot resemble restoration. We need a serious, modern and constructive official opposition because it is good for democracy and for the government, emphasized Mr. Skertsos. He stated that it is necessary for SYRIZA to regroup.