With participation as the key to victory in the battle to claim the presidency of SYRIZA, the two candidates come to the election contest.

As far as the process is concerned, voters will be able to vote from 8 am to 8 pm in 538 polling stations across the country.

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In the intra-party ballot box, those who voted in the first round as well as SYRIZA members registered in the membership register vote.

Identification document required: Police ID or passport or driver’s license or Health Book or Residence Permit or Visa or Blue Certificate.

To participate in the election process, voters will pay an election fee of 2 euros. Unemployed, young men and women up to 30 years of age and voters who cannot pay the amount are excluded.

For overseas residents, voting will take place online from 12 midnight Saturday to Sunday until 8pm on Sunday 24 September.

Where will the two presidential candidates vote?

Efi Ahtsioglou will exercise her right to vote in Egaleo, in the electoral section of the Egaleo Town Hall, Iera Odos 364, at 11:00.
Stefanos Kasselakis will exercise his right to vote in Nea Smyrni, at the polling station of the GALAXY Cultural Center, Pl. Nea Smyrni, at 12.00.

The president of K.O. of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, Sokratis Famellos, on Sunday September 24, at 12:00 noon, will visit the offices of the Local Organization of SYRIZA-PS Thermi (Tavaki 8, Thermi) where he will exercise his right to vote in the internal party elections procedures for the party’s presidential election.

Curtain in a climate of polarization

Amid controversies and polarization, however, the pre-election curtain falls with both candidates focusing on attracting more voters in the last day.

Efi Ahtsioglou addressed the members of the party at noon, inviting them to participate in the process with a new video on her official Facebook account.

In particular, Ms. Ahtsioglou said: Why are we voting tomorrow? We’ve heard a lot. But things are simple: Tomorrow we vote for the official opposition leader. And what will determine our decision? Is it social media influence? Is the experience in the arena of politics? Is it the smile? Are the passwords? Possibly all of this matters. But I want to be honest. Above all, it is the content of the policy,” he noted, among other things.

Accordingly, Stefanos Kasselakis also asked for the support of all members regardless of what they voted for in the ballot box. “Today I am not only talking to you who supported me. I’m talking to all of you, the 150,000, who queued at the polls, who resurrected SYRIZA – whatever you voted for in the first round. I am asking you now to be together. Because the new President of SYRIZA needs everyone’s strength. Because the new President of SYRIZA will be President of all. Not for post-politics, but for post-politics. After the Right of Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Then, for a State that will not leave the citizen alone. Then, for a Greece that you will feel proud to live in,” he wrote, among other things.

Which officials support Kasselakis?

In the afternoon it became known that 22 more officials had joined the supporters of Stefanos Kasselakis in addition to the SYRIZA MPs, who have already supported his candidacy and regardless of the choice of candidate they made during the election.

New list of supporters of Stefanos Kasselakis:
Thanos Moraitis
Takis Charitou
Betty Hat
Sultana Eleftheriadou
Marina Chrysobeloni
Lefteris Avramakis
Socrates Vardakis
Christidou Rally
George Dzimanis
Yannis Theophylaktos
Miltiadis Hatzigiannakis
Christos Byalas
Nikos Papadopoulos
Vasilis Kokkalis
Dimitris Vettas
Economou Thanasis
Petros Konstantineas
Eleni Avlonitou
Grigoris Stogiannidis
Christos Simoreli
Hara Kafantari
Anna Vagena