It is possible with ten the absolute City, a historic first point for Luton


She extended her winning streak Manchester Citywhere prevailed 2-0 her Nottingham Forest at home and made it 6/6 in the Premier League.

The “citizens” took a significant lead early on, with Foden (7′) and Haaland (14′) to score with efforts from inside the area, but things fell apart for Pep Guardiola’s side at the start of the second half when Rodri was sent off for grabbing Gibbs-White by the throat.

The visitors looked for the goal that would put them back in the game but were unable to find it, returning to defeat after two matches.

At the same time, Luton took the first point in its history in the top flight from the Premier League, staying at 1-1 with the Wolves home.

The “wolves” were left with ten in the 39th minute due to the dismissal of Belgard, however they took the lead through Neto (50th minute), with a Morris penalty in the 65th minute shaping the final result and leaving the newcomers at the bottom of the standings but with a grade now!

Finally, in 0-0 they stayed Crystal Palace and Fulham.

In detail, the program of the 6th matchday:

Saturday (23/9)

Crystal Palace-Fulham 0-0

Luton-Wolves 1-1

(65′ pen. Morris – 50′ Net)

Manchester City-Nottingham Forest 2-0

(7′ Foden, 14′ Haaland)

Brentford-Everton (19:30)

Burnley-Manchester United (22:00)

Sunday (24/9)

Liverpool-West Ham (16:00)

Brighton-Bournemouth) (16:00)

Chelsea-Aston Villa (16:00)

Sheffield United-Newcastle (18:30)

The schedule for the next (7th) matchday:

Saturday (30/9)

Aston Villa-Brighton (14:30)

West Ham-Sheffield United (17:00)

Wolves-Manchester City (17:00)

Everton-Luton (17:00)

Manchester United-Crystal Palace (17:00)

Bournemouth-Arsenal (17:00)

Newcastle-Burnley (17:00)

Tottenham-Liverpool (19:30)

Sunday (1/10)

Nottingham Forest-Bradford (16:00)

Monday (2/10)

Fulham-Chelsea (22:00)

Source: Sport Fm

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