Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said today that Ukraine’s proposed peace plan as well as the latest UN proposals to revive the Black Sea Grains Initiative are both “unrealistic”.

Lavrov spoke at a news conference after a week of intense global diplomacy at the annual meeting of world leaders at the UN headquarters in New York, where Ukraine and its Western allies tried to rally support for Kiev.

“It’s completely unfeasible,” Lavrov said of a 10-point peace plan promoted by Kiev. “It is not possible to implement this. It is not realistic and everyone understands that, but at the same time, they are saying that this is the only basis for negotiations.”

The head of Russian diplomacy also said that the conflict could be resolved on the battlefield if Kiev and its Western allies persist in this position.

Lavrov added that Moscow withdrew from the Black Sea initiative for grain because promises made to Russia — including lifting sanctions on a Russian bank and reconnecting it to the global SWIFT system — have not been fulfilled.

He also said that the latest UN proposals to revive this corridor for Ukrainian agricultural exports are “simply unrealistic”.