Alexis Tsipras voted this afternoon at a polling station in Kaisariani, in the internal party elections for the nomination of the new president of SYRIZA.

“Today, tens of thousands of SYRIZA members who for the second Sunday in a row are coming to the polls en masse have their say, and this is very important. From tomorrow we will have a new President, whoever the thousands of Greeks decide,” Mr. Tsipras emphasized and added:

“So it is in a sense an important moment for our party and I cannot hide from you that I feel proud of the legacy that the new leadership will receive tomorrow, a heavy legacy. But also happy because the massive response of our members, the interest of society is a very important resource for all of us, for the next day because the real, big struggles we have ahead of us are not intra-party struggles, they are struggles in the social field and we will give them all together in order to support society even more effectively and to soon bring the SYRIZA Progressive Alliance and the progressive faction into a governing orbit”.