Olympiacos beat Freiburg with a return to the “four”!


Overcame Fraburg with an easy afternoon at “Karaiskakis” o Olympic.

A few days after their home defeat by the German team in the Europa League group stage opener, the “red and whites” returned to positive results with a comfortable victory (4-0) on her Kifissia! He scored for the first time after the return of o Pontensefound the net for the first time with the red and white team Jovetic, Iborawhile he had opened the scoring El Kaabi, for his 7th goal this season! Solbakken made his debut as a starter.

Thus, Martinez’s team (who chose to rest Fortuni, Masoura, Rodinei) won for the third time in a row with an impressive 4-0 in “Karaiskakis” for the championship, while celebrating their fourth victory in this year’s championship and remaining at the top of the rating. On the other hand, Kifissia entered the match threatening, but then could not withstand the pressure of the hosts, knowing their third defeat this year.

In the minds of the coaches:

With six face changes in his 4-2-3-1 line-up, Olympiakos o Diego Martinez, who did not have Ese available and left Fortunis, Rodinei and Masoura on the bench. Paschalakis was kept under the posts, with Kini left back, Ortega left and Retso, Doe duo in the stoppers. Alexandropoulos and Mandi Kamara in midfield, Scarpa in front of them, Pontense and Solbakken at the ends of the attack and El Kaabi at the top.

On the other hand, Yannis Anastasiou he chose 4-3-3 for his team, unable to count on the services of Ozegovic, Lander and Nini. The Greek coach chose Kristison as goalkeeper, Yannis Masoura and Loumor as extreme back, with Vafeas, Tsapan stopper. Peios, Papasavvas and Ipalibo started as a trio in the centre, Santos and Anderegen as wings, with Tetei more advanced.

The match

The match started with both teams setting a very good pace, with Olympic to enter as an attacker and create his first final in the 3′, when o Solbakken he volleyed after a clearance from Christianson, sending the ball wide. For its part, Kifisia threatened with counter-attacks which came from poor returns by the hosts. THE Santos scored in the 5th minute, but his goal was disallowed for obvious offside in an attempt by That’s rightwhile in the 8th minute, four players of the visitors came out against three defenders, with Santos not making an ideal cross.

Olympiacos-Kifisia 4-0

At 9 am Kifissia missed a huge opportunity to take the lead, when after another counterattack, o That’s right he went head-to-head with Paschalakis, but was defeated by the goalkeeper of Piraeus. In the 10th minute, Kifissia went out on the counterattack again, with Ipalibos shooting mistimed from a distance. At 15′ Anderegen made a cross and Santos with a beautiful turn sent the ball into the arms of Paschalakis, while at 18′ Tetei avoided Doi, but his turn did not find a teammate.

Olympiacos-Kifisia 4-0

In the 19th minute, Retsos found him with a beautiful low-hanging pass Pontensewho before making contact with the ball was pushed by Peiowith the resident referee pointing penalty kick. Although at first it appeared that Solbakken would execute it, eventually El Kaabi took charge, scoring a la Panenka his 7th goal with the red and whites. In fact, in the 25th minute, Olympiacos doubled its goals, with Ortega finding the unmarked Pontense with a superb cross and the Portuguese scoring with a nailing header to make it 2-0, his first goal since his return!

Olympiacos-Kifisia 4-0

In the 30th minute, Podense found Scarpa with a nice cross, with the Brazilian shooting one-on-one, on the outside of the goal, while in the 40th minute, Solbakken came close to scoring on his starting debut but was beaten in a 4-a-4 with Christianson. In the 42nd minute, Kifissia threatened after an hour, with Santos’ long shot going high.

At the start of the second half, Martinez replaced Kamara with Ibora. In the 47th minute, Masouras found Tetei in a very advantageous position with a nice cross, with his header going high, while in the 53rd minute, Ibora had a misdirected header after a Scarpa cross. In the 60′, Anderegen got past Kini beautifully and shot just past the left post of Paschalakis, while in the 62′, Olympiacos got a second penalty, when Papasavvas in his attempt to move away, he kicked him from behind Govetich. The Montenegrin also took over the execution, scoring his first goal with the red and whites for 3-0.

Olympiacos-Kifisia 4-0

In the 72nd Retsos he was substituted and applauded by the Olympiakos crowd, who supported him after his poor performance against Freiburg, while in the 78th minute Scarpa’s long shot went wide. With the pace having dropped a lot, Olympiacos made it 4-0 in the 6th minute of stoppage time, when Ibora scored his first goal with Olympiakos, with a header from a corner kick Biel.

MVP: THE Daniel Pontense he returned to Olympiakos’ starting line-up and was a constant threat to Kifissia’s defense. Either from the right or from the left, the Portuguese had both the role of creator and executor. He won the penalty for 1-0 and scored with a header (!) for 2-0, his first goal after returning to Piraeus. He rightfully takes the title of the most valuable.

Olympiacos-Kifisia 4-0

The whistle: THE Inhabitant awarded two penalties to Olympiakos, first to Peiou’s push on Podense in the 21st minute and then to Papasavva’s kick to Jovetic in the 63rd minute. He was categorical about both. A Kifissia goal is correctly canceled for offside in the 5th minute.

Team compositions:

Olympiacos (Martinez, 4-2-3-1): Paschalakis – Kini, Retsios (74′ Porosso), Doi, Ortega – Mandi (46′ Ibora), Alexandropoulos (58′ Carvallio) – Pontense, Scarpa, Solbakken (69′ Biel) – El Kaabi (85′ Jovetic).

Tzolakis, Rodinei, Fortounis, Masouras remained on the bench.

Kifissia (Anastasiou, 4-3-3): Christianson – Loumor, Vafeas, Tsapan, Masouras (61′ Iliev) – Papasavvas (71′ Antounes), Peios (71′ Konstantakopoulos), Imbalibo (80′ Parras) – Mateus Santos (61′ Gobelic), Anderegen, Tete

Anagnostopoulos, Botia, Spinos, Bifumas remained on the bench.

Referee: Konstantinos Resident

Assistants: Andreas Fotopoulos, Antonios Siniorakis

4th Referee: Konstantinos Tsetsilas

VAR: Andreas Gamaris, AVAR: Ilias Konstantinou

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Source: Sport Fm

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