“Mr. Mitsotakis will be held accountable for the insult to the institutions and Democracy,” the SYRIZA-PS representative says in her statement. Gifts Augeri, and denounces “continuation of the omerta around the wiretapping scandal”.

Specifically, in her statement, Mrs. Augeri states: “Today the Mitsotakis government overcame even its worst self. On the one hand, it proceeds with a new coup to continue the silence surrounding the wiretapping scandal, replacing members of the Anti-Corruption Commission, a day before the Independent Authority decided to fine the EYP, due to its non-cooperation in the investigation. And on the other hand, it does not hesitate through Mr. Voridis to abandon the victims and those who react and to be proud of its anti-institutional interventions”.

In closing, he argues: “Mr. Mitsotakis believes in vain that the action of the parastatal he set up will remain in the dark and that he will not be held accountable for the insult to the Institutions and Democracy. Greece is already at the center of a serious audit by the competent EU Justice Committee.”