The days of “excess joy” are getting shorter for the new leader of SYRIZA, Stefanos Kasselakiswho in the midst of controversies and doubts about his person, is asked to decide on the persons who will make up the key positions of the party.

The anxiety about the unity of the next day that had been expressed by a number of executives seems to be verified as the explosive atmosphere of the pre-election period continues with unabated intensity.

And today they continued the harsh confrontations with shots on both sides and answers raising questions on whether and at what level the function of the party as official opposition will be ensured even if the two sides decide to co-exist.

Dora Avgeri, from the institutional role of the party’s representative now, addressing Mr. Fili, called him out for his attitude who instead of being the “Nestor” of politics himself sets the example, chooses to ignite tensions. “Nikos Filis had to lead by example as Nestor,” said Ms. Augeri.

Referring to the new president, Nikos Filis had said that “it is the phenomenon of post-politics, the spectacle and not the essence, something like Pepe Grillo in Italy or even worse I saw the speech, the delivery of his speech Mr. Kasselakis and he has Trump style, not substance, but the same style as Trump, that “I don’t care what others say, it’s me and the people”.

Petros Pappas, e., called for those who disagree with the policies of the new president to leavefrom the close associates of Stefanos Kasselakis. “I consider that when someone does not express himself by his leader, he does not express himself by the policies he has decided, then he himself does not express himself and says it clearly: “I do not belong to this party”, said Mr. Pappas.

Sia Anagnostopoulou, for her part, entering the dance of controversy, stated that “I cannot accept that Mr. Kasselakis is the new thing. The whole team that surrounds him are all the old executives”.

Yesterday, Grigoris Gerotziafas announced his resignation from SYRIZA making harsh statements against Mr. Kasselakis, even referring to the new president’s rhetoric that resembles far-right.

“We find these slogans in the speeches of other political leaders, even extreme right-wing ones, as well as in the proclamations and programmatic statements of the Prime Minister,” said Mr. Gerotziafas, among others.

Pavlos Polakis responded to Mr. Gerotziafa’s statements with an attack he launched with a post on Facebook referring to the Corona period. Mr. Polakis wrote “with a leftist outfit you legitimized Tsiodres, Majorkinides and Vassilakopoulos as well as Mitsotakis”.

Regarding the coverage of party and parliamentary positions, according to information, the most likely scenarios are:

Pavlos Polakis – Departmental Coordinator

Nikos Pappas – Parliamentary Representative

Evangelos Apostolakis – Head of Defense

Vassilis Kokkalis – Head of Rural Development

Theodora Tzakri may take the position of KO secretary and in the position of parliamentary representative Dionysis Kalamatianos, who was the KO secretary, may be found.

For the Health sector, Petros Pappas, who is a doctor, is heard.

Olga Gerovasili will remain in the position of deputy speaker of the Parliament.