Theios Michalis: AEK’s attitude was the right one – Well done to the healthy fans of Panathinaikos


His uncle burst out Michalis Katsouri for the banner that was posted in favor of BBB by Panathinaikos fans on the Avenue, in the “green” derby with AEK.

After explaining that his feelings were very bad when he saw the banner, characterizing as shame the relevant action, stood at attitude of AEK to leave until it comes down. In particular, he emphasized that she was the right one, while he praised her as well Costas Galanopoulos. Also, reward them healthy fans of Panathinaikos which they enjoyed.

It’s a shame what’s happening and I don’t want to put all his healthy fans in the bucket because it’s not their fault. Everyone defends and loves their team and there are fans who go to the stadium just for this purpose, to watch football, to be happy, to have a good day. Those few others that exist must find a way for the groups themselves to isolate them. It’s a shame what’s happening. We are Greeks, guys, what are these things? Well done for the attitude of the AEK players, Galanopoulos who keeps and honors the memory of Michalis. AEK’s attitude was what it should have been, to leave if the banner was not taken down.

Very bad feelings when I saw the banner. We are all Greeks… And AEK and Panathinaikos and Olympiakos… We are all Greeks, what is going on? I don’t know, does impunity do so much harm? We are Greeks! Do we understand where we have come? Well done to the healthy fans of Panathinaikos who cheered the banner because they had to. All groups and all PAEs must find a way to isolate these few. That everyone who wants to support their team can go without fear and without danger to the stadium, to the cafeteria and everywhere… A way must be found for families to go to the stadiums without a problem. No one wants what is happening. And there are very few who provoke them and lead the situations to such a point. We’ve hit rock bottom. It’s not only Michalis’ issue… We live it the way we live it and it affected the whole society and the whole healthy sports fan world. But if they don’t take action it will happen again and other mothers will cry and this mourning will continue“, he initially reported.

Afterwards, he was asked to comment on the fact that Michael’s killer has not yet been found: “Of course he tortures us. It is not because he is a relative of ours and the family is hurting. Today he is our child, tomorrow he will be your brother… The whole society is concerned with this issue. Shouldn’t there be an end? Things are simple. If they want, they collect them in one day. We have anger…. We as a family have said that we do not want anything from anyone, nor that someone who is not at fault should be punished. They know who is responsible. They crossed so many countries and arrived outside the AEK stadium and no one stopped them“, he underlined.

Source: Sport Fm

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