At 17.7%, New Democracy is ahead of SYRIZA, according to the poll conducted by Opinion Poll for ACTION 24. This is the first nationwide poll, after the election of Stefanos Kasselakis in the presidency of SYRIZA, with 47.2% appearing satisfied with the result, however overall 68.5%, almost seven out of 10 respondents, sees divisive tendencies in SYRIZA (“yes” answered 30.1%, “probably yes” 38.4%)

In terms voting intention (with a reduction on the valid ones), New Democracy collects a percentage 31.7%, SYRIZA 14%, PASOK 10%, KKE 7.7%, Hellenic
Solution 4.8%, Spartans 2.9%, Freedom Sailing 2.8% and Victory 3.7%. 15% are undecided.

47.9% of the respondents were not “at all satisfied” with the management of the disasters and the support measures for those affected, while in another question 33.7% stated that the latest events in Evros and Thessaly affect their vote in the self-governing elections elections.

A total of 47.2% in favor of Kasselakis – 41.6% negative

To the question “Are you satisfied with the election of Stefanos Kasselakis to the presidency of SYRIZA?”, “yes” answered 25%, “probably yes” 22.2%, “probably no” 19.4%, “no” 22.2%, while 11.1% corresponds to “don’t know/don’t reply”.

To the question “Do you think that after the election of Stefanos Kasselakis, divisive tendencies may appear in SYRIZA?”, 30.1% answered “yes”, “probably yes” 38.4%, “probably no” 17.8% , “no” 9.6% and “I don’t know/don’t answer” 4.1%.

The research was carried out with a nationwide sample of 1,005 households, between September 21 and 26, 2023.