States ensure peace when they work together, the US ambassador stressed on Wednesday George Tsounis in his greeting at the 1st American-Mediterranean Investment Forum (American Mediterranean Investment Forum) organized by the Joseph Sassoon Group, with the keynote speaker being the 70th Secretary of State of the USA. Mike Pompeo. At the same time, he underlined the need for international cooperation and declared that “we must be on Ukraine’s side” because another Putin should not follow.

The US Greek-American Ambassador in Athens expressed his belief that strong economies lead to prosperity and finally to peace.

Referring to Greece, he said that it has recorded great economic progress and that it has attracted significant investments. In particular, he said that Greece has recorded a 6 billion dollar surplus in the first 8 months of the year and is a country open to investment and said that there is great investment interest from American companies. He made special reference to the energy and logistics sectors. In fact, he appeared confident that Greece’s best days are ahead.

Focusing on the energy role of Greece, he said that it is a hub of the region and announced that the US will continue to support Greece. As he said, “Greece will be the country of access for energy which will allow Europe to get Putin off its back.” Extending his reasoning, he said that Greece is a guarantor of stability in the region.

When the American ambassador to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation came to participate in the Forum, George Tsounis emphasized that Greece is a pillar of stability in a region that has a lot of instability. Greece is strong, reliable and walks with values, he underlined.

He emphasized the energy role of Greece. It is an energy hub in Europe which is very important, he said.

Finally, Giorgos Tsounis emphasized that Greece can to be a gateway with its ports which play an important role and help the areas that need it.