By Antonis Anzoletou

The goal of Stefanos Kasselakis is to bring SYRIZA very quickly to strong opposition rhythms, but also to create his own agenda.

Her first announcement moved in this direction Doras Avgeri who harshly criticized the government for today’s meeting of the conference of presidents in Parliament.

He spoke of a new coup due to the fact that “he replaces members of ADAE, a day before the Independent Authority decides to impose a fine on EYP, due to its non-cooperation in the investigation”.

At the same time, he visited the Workshop of Special Vocational Education in Kallithea where students with disabilities attend and pledged to donate air conditioning in a school room. Such initiatives will be frequent in the coming period.

From Koumoundourou want to keep the message of unity which was broadcast by the presence of executives from both camps, on Tuesday night at the “Mihalis Kakogiannis” foundation, during the presentation of the candidacy of Kostas Zachariadis, for the municipality of Athens.

However, the road is still long. The new “directorate” of the parliamentary group has not been announced and things do not seem to be simple.

On the one hand, the deputies who supported the candidacy of Stefanos Kasselakis should assume a position of responsibility and at the same time, no image of revanchism should be given to the other camp.

From the moment the Efi Ahtsioglou refused a certain position – it is estimated that it was an expected move – o Alexis Haritsis he is one of the persons who may receive a phone call in the next few hours.

Will a department head take on something that is directly related to his field? In recent years, he has already been controlling the government’s actions in the issues that have to do with the Ministry of Development, while also Mr Nasos Iliopoulos he has distinguished himself by his interventions in Parliament as a parliamentary representative.

The current secretary of the parliamentary group is close to taking up a position Dionysis Kalamatianos.

The delay in his announcement Pavlos Polakis as “super-coordinator” of the parliamentary control committees may mean that Stefanos Kasselakis’ plan for the former deputy health minister has changed.

He is expected to have a pivotal role, as together with Nikos Pappa he was one of the “strategists” of the victory, however the very “hard rock” he uses may cause second thoughts.

The tactics that will be followed in the Parliament have not yet been determined and the appropriate role for the Chanio MP may have to be found.

It is recalled that during the days of Alexis Tsipras, Alekos Flambouraris had a similar assignment – that is, the control of parliamentary work.

It is taken for granted that the shadow government will include, among others, Evangelos Apostolakis, Rena Douro, Haris Mamoulakis, Vasilis Kokkalis, George Karameros, Athena Linou, Petros Pappas etc.

THE Nikos Pappaswho is in constant and daily contact with the new president is expected – barring the unexpected – to remain in the position of parliamentary representative.

For the position of the secretary of the parliamentary group, if Dionysis Kalamatianos is finally replaced, the name of Theodora Tzakri has been heard, and her presence in the office of the president in the Parliament is also dense

In the following days, the holding of the Conference will monopolize the interest in Koumoundourou. The officials of the internal party opposition are receiving, as they claim, messages to postpone the date set by the Central Committee. They insist that it should be carried out in November.