The president of PASOK, Nikos Androulakis, accused the government of arrogance and lack of empathyon the occasion of the disasters caused by the new wave of bad weather that hit Thessaly and Evia.

In particular, from Kefalonia where he is on tour, Mr. Androulakis reported that “a few weeks ago a biblical disaster took place in Thessaly. The response of the rulers was that they could not deal with it, because such a phenomenon occurs once every three hundred years.”.

“Nevertheless, yesterday, again, Magnesia and North Evia “sunk”. Mr. Mitsotakis’ response to the inability to protect citizens and their property is arrogance and a lack of empathy. And this is also revealed by his statements that the climate crisis is an opportunity for our country to extend the tourist season”, said the president of PASOK.

He concluded “I call on the Greek people to respond and send a message to the other side to the authoritarianism, arrogance and incompetence of the government of Mr. Mitsotakis”.

Referring to the upcoming local elections, Mr. Androulakis characterized their holding as an important opportunity. “The New Democracy government must understand that it cannot continue on the same path. The road that despises the intelligence of the Greek people and their real problems in dealing with punctuality, the increased cost of living, the climate crisis,” said Mr. Aandroulakis.

In closing, he declared that “We are here for a reliable, programmatic, institutional opposition, with the word of truth and consistency. The country needs to turn a page and I will do everything in my power to make it happen as soon as possible.”