Palamas Municipality was visited today by the president of SYRIZA-PS Stefanos Kasselakisaccompanied by the president of the party’s Executive Committee Socrates Famello.

There, outside the town hall, he heard the mayor Giorgos Sakellariou, representatives of farmers and breeders, as well as presidents of local communities who described the situation that has developed in the area after the invasion of hurricanes Daniel and Elias. The destruction is indescribable, those gathered emphasized, with thousands of acres of agricultural production destroyed, with houses demolished, while the mayor referred to the homeless people, for whom there should be immediate and substantial care of the State. In fact, the mayor emphasized that as time goes by, the situation is getting worse, as far as the housing of the homeless affected is concerned. Farmers reported that in addition to thousands of acres under mud and thousands of dead animals, valuable equipment needed to make a fresh start was also lost. The situation we are living in is dramatic, they underlined, while Mr. Sakellariou added that what we are living here has never happened before, speaking of a huge despair in the entire region. The gathered also demanded immediate and 100% compensations, as well as significant interventions in rural road construction and irrigation networks. We are in a state of war, the mayor characteristically noted.

Mr. Kasselakis emphasized that we must show full help as a state, in all of this, saying that it is not enough to hurt your country and be without help from the State. Mr. Famellos emphasized that all the problems will be promoted in the Parliament, we will highlight them, with Mr. Kasselakis adding “we will push the issues to the Parliament, stay as optimistic as possible because you need it”.

Then Mr. Kasselakis and Famellos visited the indoor gym Palamas where they talked to people hosted there.