Her his first appearance the new president of SYRIZA made in the Plenary Session of the Parliament Stefanos Kasselakis during the debate on the bill of the Ministry of the Interior.

Mr. Kasselakis entered the hall and was accommodated in the seats of the officials during the speech of the head of the KO of the official opposition Socrates Famellou.

It is reminded that the new president is not a member of parliament, so he can only sit in the chairs of the officials or in the galleries of the Parliament.

For “severe arrhythmia problems” and “failures” of the Mitsotakis government in the first 100 days of her second term, she spoke Socrates Famousduring the discussion of the bill.

Mr. Famellos commented that in these first 100 days that seemed like “1,000” to the prime minister, a “climate of insecurity” has been established in society and the economy and the belief that “things in the country are not going well”. He also referred to the world that suffered during this period from “low wages, fires, floods, punctuality”, while he also recalled the first hundred days of the first Mitsotakis administration in 2019, which, as he pointed out, was made up of “excellent ». This narrative, he emphasized, “collapsed” four years later, at a “great cost” for Greek society and economy, both in institutions and in everyday life.

Continuing, he referred to the situation prevailing in flooded Thessaly, which he visited yesterday with the president of SYRIZA-PS, Stefanos Kasselakis, commenting that “one word fits the imprint of Messrs. Mitsotakis and Agorastos in Thessaly: despair”.


He also pointed out the resignation of Mr. Thomas Ioannis, Mr. Agorastos’ regional councilor candidate, as a sign of disagreement with the way the emergency situation was managed by the Region of Thessaly and with Mr. Agorastos’ strategy.

criticizing Mr. Voridis’ statement about Volos, that it was “unfortunate”, he said that it is “a great misfortune for Thessaly, and for Rhodes, and for Evros, and for Evia, but also for Attica the government Mitsotakis”.

S. Famellos also complained that even today the compensation for household goods has not been given to many families.