Ancelotti on Kepa’s mistake against Napoli: “No one is perfect”

Ancelotti on Kepa’s mistake against Napoli: “No one is perfect”

Statements after the difficult away victory of his team against Napoli, for the 2nd matchday of the Champions League groups, made by the coach of Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti.

The experienced Italian technician was asked about his mistake Drink up in the phase of the first goal of the “partenopei”, stressing that nobody is perfect, while he spoke in the best words about the Bellingham and Vinicius.

What the Real Madrid coach said in detail:

“Each football player has his characteristics. Kepa terrible under the posts. Obviously, he has some weaknesses in the aerial game, but that’s normal. It is not 2 meters tall. I believe that no one is perfect. Not even me, even though I’m so handsome. Nobody’s perfect, not even you”.


For Vinicius: “We ask him to move to the areas of the pitch where he is most effective. And Bellingham has adapted. They work well together and are very creative. Having the two of them on our left creates a lot of danger for our opponents.”.

For Bellingham: “What’s most impressive about him is that he’s 20 years old, but he acts like he’s 30. He’s always focused, which is rare for a footballer of his age. His quality, his strength, his ability with the ball at his feet, surprise everyone”.

Source: Sport Fm

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