The reaction of the government representative, Pavlos Marinakis caused by the post of Pavlos Polakis about the well-known cartoonist Dimitris Handzopoulos.

The statement of Pavlos Marinakis in more detail:

“The super coordinator of SYRIZA, Mr. Polakis, after posting a photo of the cartoonist Dimitris Handzopoulos, who “dared” to express his opinion, delivered him “to the ridicule of normal people”, as he wrote, in another post full of insults and hatred that causes every democratic citizen and refers to prescriptive logics.

It was yet another episode in the decline of SYRIZA, which otherwise speaks in the name of freedom of expression.

The truth is that we did not fall from the clouds. And it is indeed a shame that Mr. Polakis, known for his vulgarity, was rewarded by the new leadership by being appointed to a key staff role just a few days ago.”

Polakis’ post on Facebook provoked the reaction of Pavlos Marinakis:

“This misprint of human kind is the “caricaturist” of the “serious urban newspaper” DAILY !!
This blind far-right “artist” thinks he produces culture and makes humor!!!
I hand you over to the MOCKING of real PEOPLE!!
YG Probably because of your fear after the latest developments, you must have woken up at night having done to your mattress what the “quadruped” of the image you created is doing…”