“We thought a rocket fell on us” declares to SKAI o Yannis Tourlentes, who had been on holiday in Israel, lived in Tel Aviv and has been stranded there. Mr. Tourledes is at the Tel Aviv airport, from where he is trying to escape. He also describes that a rocket fell 80 meters from where he lived and leveled a building.

Mr. Tourledes speaks of responses which reach 20 hours and tickets ranging from 1,000 euros to 5,000 euros.

“Yesterday morning we woke up from the rockets we were receiving. It was like we were at war. In the evening even more fell and one fell very close to the house where we lived. The house shook we thought it fell on us. When we got out, after a few minutes, it had fallen (rocket) around at 80 meters the entire block had been demolished, the electricity had been cut throughout the region. We immediately found the nearest shelter and slept there for the night. Things are a little better this morning. On the subject of attacks on Tel Aviv, the point is that we cannot leave, we are trapped over here. Flights have been cancelled, they have gone much further back. Tickets available are few and far between, and very expensive. and with responses that reach 20 hours and 1,000 euros to 5,000 euros. There is chaos at the Tel Aviv airport. The embassy told us that they will find us some flights to accommodate as many people as we are and we have stated that we want to go back. Look at the situation right now at the airport, what’s going on…”.