The conflict continues between Pleussi Eleftherias and the member of parliament of A΄Thessaloniki, Michalis Khourdakiswith the seat of the latter in contention with the party’s parliamentary group calling on him again to hand it over.

With the exception of Mr. Hourdakis’ mother, Areti Papaioannou, the MPs of Pleussi Eleftheria report that they repeatedly called Mr. Hourdakis to hand over his seat after Ms. Konstantopoulou’s decision to remove him from KO.

In particular, in their announcement, the MPs state that “for a series of behaviors that deviated from these principles and caused damage to our collective goal, repeated calls were made to Mr. Khourdakis to hand over the parliamentary seat that was given to him, without any additional costs for the our collective effort but not for him either”.

With reference to the reasons that led to the removal of Mr. Khourdakis in the same announcement, there is talk of red lines that were crossed by the MP, most recently by her “when he started promoting and proposing right-wing candidates for the local elections, including a relative of his. »

The entire announcement of the Freedom of Navigation parliamentary group:

Mr. Michalis Khourdakis was entrusted with a position of great responsibility.

Not to manage it as a position of power, but only as a position of responsibility from which, according to the principles and timeless example of Freedom of Navigation, we serve the citizens and society as a whole and not ourselves.

For a series of behaviors that deviated from these principles and caused damage to our collective goal, Mr. Khourdakis was repeatedly urged to hand over the parliamentary seat that was given to him, without any additional cost for our collective effort or for him.

These seats belong to Pleussi Eleftherias.

In Freedom Sailing, following the unique example of our Leader Zoi Konstantopoulou, who handed over the third rank state office, we do not believe in offices, positions and chairs. Each of us is ready and willing to surrender the position given to us, as a matter of course, simply if asked, without all of the above events having to have occurred.

Our movement is based on this basic group operating principle.

The last red line was crossed when Mr. Khourdakis started promoting and nominating right-wing candidates for the municipal elections, including a relative of his.

He was given strong recommendations and further exhortations to resign for this action and harmful behavior, as any party would do, let alone Freedom Sail with the principles that govern its operation from end to end.

Mr. Khourdakis responded with persistence to his personal right-wing agenda, adding new posts from the position of MP for Freedom of Navigation.

On Sunday 8/10 in the evening, in a phone call with the President and Head of the movement, he was asked for the umpteenth time to resign, with a prompt and an agreement for the minimum personal cost for him.

Since then he has engaged in attacks against Freedom Sailing and our President, with the sole aim of maintaining the position he was given and damaging in every way the movement, the Caucus and our great effort, inside and outside Parliament.

In society, Freedom Sailing has clearly said that it does not look Left or Right, It only looks Forward!

In politics, the Left, the principles and values ​​of the Left are what inspire our attitude, fuel our action and are what we will continue to defend in every way.

We call on Mr. Khourdakis to hand over the chair he was given

The Freedom of Navigation Parliamentary Group

Alexandros Kazamias

Elena Karageorgopoulou

Diamantis Karanastasis

Georgia Kefala

Zoe Konstantopoulou

Spyros Bibilas