The Ministry of Digital Governance supports the modernization of the State with the aim of all Public Bodies being able to respond to ever-changing operational requirements, improve the provision of services to citizens, increase their efficiency and reduce costs.

The international open competition is moving in this direction “Oracle Software Licensing Master Agreement” with a total budget of 40,001,719.00 euros including VAT and implementation body of the General Secretariat of Information Systems and Digital Governance. The object of the project is the coverage of licensing, maintenance and upgrading of Oracle software products for the needs of the Public Administration.

In addition, the provision of the manufacturer’s Expert Services (Consulting Services), as well as the supply of Oracle Universal Credits for hosting systems in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, is foreseen. The deadline for submitting offers is November 22nd.

The Minister of Digital Governance Dimitris Papastergiou stated: “The conclusion of the Enterprise Agreement will provide significant advantages for the Greek State. It is necessary to have economies of scale, as well as centralized management of time-consuming procurement processes. In addition, these types of agreements are instrumental in keeping the country off the United States’ 301 Watch List, which includes countries that use unlicensed software.

It should be noted that the investigation of the needs of the public was carried out by the General Secretariat of Information Systems and Digital Governance, with the coordination of the General Secretary Demosthenes Anagnostopoulos.