By Antonis Anzoletou

With a “transatlantic” deletion o Stefanos Kasselakis responded to his internal party critics and showed that he wishes to put limits on what is said by his officials SYRIZA in the public debate.

And in Koumoundourou an unprecedented “war” broke out and a “parade” of dissenters towards the new leadership.

It is certain that the referral of Stefanos Tzoumakas to the Ethics Committee will open “Aeolos’s hole”.

It will free, that is, even more persons and forces within the party who are already planning their departure, as they do not agree with the choices of the new official opposition leader.

The executives of “Umbrella” hold almost daily meetings and many believe that after the “fiery text” they submitted before the meeting of the Political Secretariat, the path they have taken has no return.

The official opposition leader understood through the criticism he received in Wednesday’s stormy debate that the heavy climate will be very difficult to overcome.

Despite the fact that deletions are not in the culture of SYRIZA and have always caused “allergy” in the left wing, he did not hesitate to proceed with a show of fists.

It may have been a “high risk” move, but it gave his own message about how he will move from here on out.

And the reactions, of course, didn’t take long to come with Nikos Fili from “Ombrela” leading the dance, showing the attitude that the trend will take in the coming days. The debate between the two “camps” has started with party sources showing the “exit” to the former Minister of Education and asking him if he shares Stefanos Tzoumaka’s report “why he remains in SYRIZA”.

They were followed in high tones by posts from Euclid Tsakalotos, Nasos Iliopoulos and many others who until today had avoided being publicly identified.

Things happened very quickly yesterday.

When Stefanos Kasselakis was informed and saw the video of the former candidate for the party’s presidency talking about entanglement and oligarchy within SYRIZA, he contacted the two secretaries, Rania Svigou and Giorgos Vassiliadis.

Then, according to the same information, he also called Antonis Kotsakas.

The request to refer him with the question of deletion reached the hands of the chairman of the Ethics Committee very quickly.

According to the statute, after the decision of the Committee, the Central Committee will be asked to ratify its decision. And there the “derby” is expected to continue.

In the same discussion, after all, the members of the supreme governing body will be asked to ratify the marginal decision of the Political Secretariat that the Conference be held from February 23-25.

By then, of course, it is expected that enough water will have flowed down the drain, as the climate in Koumoundourou is very heavy and the clouds are thickening after yesterday’s fight over Stefanos Tzoumakas.

The pity is explosive in the “boiling” base of SYRIZA.

According to information, after a meeting that took place a week ago in Chania, a new text of intense reflection on the course of the party was drawn up by local officials. Will it be a harbinger of further departures in Member Organisations?

The specific text, however, which criticizes the choices of the Kasselakis leadership and is quite detailed, bears the signatures of Andreas Xanthos and George Stathakis.