A creative, flexible and extroverted EOT is decisive for Greek tourism and can develop into a major protagonist, emphasized Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni at the first meeting of the new EOT Board of Directors, where she was present.

The minister emphasized that a necessary condition to cope with modern challenges is to strengthen the image and identity of the Greek tourist product in the international environment.

This, as he said, will be achieved by projecting the characteristics that differentiate it, in an even more modern and communicative way and also by the use of all new technological means.

Then the minister pointed out that the composition of the new Board of Directors it was done with great care and attention and with the aim of its new members offering their knowledge, experience, love for Greek tourism, in a joint, collective effort, to open a new cycle of creation.

After the end of the meeting, the Minister of Tourism stated:

The role of the EOT at this moment in time is decisive for Greek tourism. I believed and I still believe with the same intensity that the Hellenic Tourism Organization can and should play the leading role that belongs to it. I believed and still believe in the human resources that make up the organization and in the capabilities it has to respond to all challenges, however complex they may be. My goal is for EOT to become even stronger, even more reliable, even more modern and efficient. My goal is for EOT to play a leading role. And this can only be done with a Board of Directors like the new one. I want EOT to be at the forefront of this new effort. Creative, flexible, outgoing».