“There must be a limit, there must be an effort from everyone. Deletions are proposals, there is an ethics council, I am not saying that the president’s assessment is not valid, but I suggest that public statements be stopped until the meeting,” said SYRIZA Head of Development Christos Giannoulis regarding the referral of top officials to the ethics committee .

“The dialogue at the moment has a lot of electricity, we have serious developments,” he added.

Regarding what might happen if the president’s proposal is voted down, he replied: “It will be an unfavorable development because existential issues are raised, it is a clear questioning of the president” and he continued: “even if the vote is marginal, there is a political issue. If we are judged and the people vote for us, they will do so because we are not lying, we are telling the truth, when we see white it is white, we do not have the “Mitsotakeio” disease of turning white into black. However, we need self-criticism.”

“I would like Tsipras to intervene”

Regarding whether the intervention of former president Alexis Tsipras is needed, he said: “I wish it was done or done without us ever knowing.” “But these discussions do not take place on television, the Left must have the elements of solidarity and family perception and not familialism, of human coexistence in order to produce political results. Al. Tsipras has handled much more intense intra-party confrontations and you would never know it, I believe he has the know how.”

“All sides would like us to tell the world whether it is political or programmatic differences that are causing these reactions, or whether it is the 2022 conference that has caused a strong emotional charge.”

“Mr. Kasselakis wants time, he does not want direct deletions”

“Kasselakis does not wish to delete directly, there is the statute” he stated and added that “he is very young in the administration of a party, he needs time to judge himself”.

Finally, regarding the new president, Mr. Giannoulis said on the TODAY show: “I am politically expressed by SYRIZA, not only Mr. Kasselakis. I support him even though I haven’t voted for him. It is my duty to support because it will express the political change we propose for the world.”