“Since the day of the election of the new president, we have been going through a really complex and difficult phase,” Olga Gerovasili said at Open, calling on all executives to stop the “war climate” that has been created in the party.

Initially, the MP stated: “I am with SYRIZA and I believe everyone is with SYRIZA. I would like from here and the opportunity given to me to make an appeal that this dialogue should be stopped, in the way it is done and these results that are produced in the way they are produced. On the one hand we have a new president, it has been voted through democratic procedures regardless of whether one disagreed or agreed. But in the parties we are not a group here. There are convergences, exclusions. There were always issues of different approaches but sometimes more difficult, sometimes easier, we always reached some convergences, regardless if someone was left even slightly dissatisfied. We should all know this.”

“They crossed the line”

And he notes: “The limits of criticism of the new president were exceeded on the one hand, and of course those who invoke the discussions within the parties and within the institutions cannot mean journalistic broadcasts. We should comment where we should. This cannot go far, everyone must realize this.”

Asked if Stefanos Kasselakis should have taken disciplinary action against historical figures, she said: “I respect my comrades, I respect their opinions, however when you are a member of a party and announce a party on a TV panel, when you use expressions that deviate from politics , these are overstepping the bounds.”

“I want to say from here today: Stop! There is a world, a country, problems. What has happened up to this point has happened. Let’s go further.”

He also pointed out that time should be given to Stefanos Kasselakis.

“Mr. Mitsotakis is changing the doctrine of the country”

Regarding the trip of Kyriakos Mitsotakis to Israel, Mrs. Gerovasili commented: “Unfortunately, Mr. Mitsotakis involves the country deeper, as he should not, by changing its doctrine, visiting Israel without meeting with the Palestinian Authority. This has never happened before. He had an unacceptable statement on the humanitarian crisis, he didn’t talk about a ceasefire. The intervention of Kostas Karamanlis was right.”