Stefanos Kasselakis had a meeting with Panos Routsi, father of 22-year-old Dennis Routsi who lost his life in the Tempe tragedy, in Thessaloniki.

“He had many dreams. Not just him. All the children who were lost…”, the president of SYRIZA PS notes regarding the meeting in a post on “X”, where he also cites a video with an excerpt from the discussion they had. The father of the 22-year-old asked Mr. Kasselakis “if you can do something so that this thing is not covered up”, with the president of SYRIZA stressing that “I will do everything so that it is not forgotten and that you can have some justice” . “You are not alone. On a personal level I am by your side as much as I can, but you are not alone, you have a whole society by your side,” he told him, adding that “we will fight as long as it goes, both legally and socially.”

Among other things, Mr. Kasselakis mentioned that when “the crime” took place in Tempi, he thought then that it was possible for this thing to happen in Greece in 2023. He also commented that seeing Kyriakos Mitsotakis going to the Fence on March 31st, he thought about what he would think a father or a mother of one of these children, “seeing the prime minister go and make an issue out of nowhere instead of having the humility to understand what happened in the country.”