“PASOK has made it clear that it continues its autonomous course and any convergences are legitimate, but they should be done at the grassroots level. It has value when the persons chosen by PASOK and the political platforms expressed by these persons are in the majority and victorious, as in the cases of Mr. Doukas and Mr. Kouretas, but also in many other cases in the self-governing elections. Where there are agreements and convergences, on a social and political basis and not at the top level, as suggested by various SYRIZA executives, they are proven to be victorious and effective”, emphasized the parliamentary representative of PASOK – Movement for Change, speaking today on SKAI television.

As he said, “in PASOK’s DNA are high percentages, as well as expressing wider majorities and achieving wider gatherings of social and political currents, and thanks to this strategy it managed to have the responsibility of governing the country for several years. In PASOK, we work seriously and in low tones and we believe that in the European elections this clear upward trend will also be expressed at the ballot box.”

Regarding the major issues that concern the citizens and the opposition stance of PASOK, he emphasized that his party last week, with the interventions of Nikos Androulakis in two thematic fields, health and education, appeared with concrete proposals and not with meaningless opposition.

“In terms the issue of private debt, since the bill on bad loans is coming to Parliament in November, PASOK has presented specific proposals that it will immediately update. A field in which the government has failed, because the debts are increasing, the out-of-court mechanism did not bring results and the auctions continue, even increasing constantly” as he said.

And he continued: “In fact, we have been saying for 1.5 years that VAT must be reduced so that food items can be more accessible to citizens, but Mr. Mitsotakis refuses. In relation to the market controls, after some time the government decided to impose eight fines – mainly on the fuel market – and one was in the rural Agathonisi, while the precision is eroding households and businesses every day”.

And he concluded: “Therefore, checks are not carried out, VAT is not reduced, basic food items are becoming more and more expensive, while the market-pass is no longer given and all the government does is to deal with the issue communicatively, as it solved it communicatively the traffic on the streets of Attica, as Mr. Mitsotakis announced during the pre-election campaign, reinforcement of the National Social Security System and recruitment of staff, but 5 months later the results are meager.