“Greece supports the values ​​of Francophonie and attaches great importance to all that is organized in the French-speaking family,” said the Foreign Minister George Gerapetritisin his greeting to the 35th plenary session of the European region of the Francophonie Parliamentary Assembly.

As Mr. Gerapetritis pointed out, “we are in a very worrying regional situation. Greece is in the immediate vicinity of two major conflicts”.

“From February 2022, the Europe is again faced with a war being waged on our continent, in Ukraine and which radically changed the situation in our neighborhood. A war that called into question the democratic values, which are defended by the French-speaking, as well as the wider international community”.

As he reminded, “Greece adopted from the beginning the clear position that the invasion of Ukraine is a flagrant violation of International Law”, while also noting that “it expressed its full solidarity with Ukraine and committed itself together with other states and the European Union that he will continue to provide her with all possible support.”

“Greece consistently underlines the fundamental principles included in Charter of the United Nationssuch as respect for the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of all states”.

“We are proud of our participation in International Organization of Francophoniea community of values ​​in which respect for International Law and human rights are at the forefront”, he emphasized.

Mr. Gerapetritis pointed out that “the invasion of Ukraine was a strong reminder that many of the certainties with which we have been traveling until now should not be taken for granted”.

Unfortunately, as he mentioned, we are witnessing another huge crisis in a region, the Middle Eastwhich is even closer to our country.

“A region with which Greece is linked by traditional ties of friendship and cooperation. An area that has already suffered for many decades,” he pointed out.

“We have unequivocally condemned all forms of terrorism, expressing our horror at the tragic loss of so many innocent lives. We underlined Israel’s right to legitimate self-defense, pointing out that this should take place within the limits of International Law and, in particular, of humanitarian law. International Law».

This, he said, “indicates respect for the principle of proportionality. We emphasized that a terrorist organization like Hamas cannot represent and identify with the Palestinian people.”

From the first moment, as the foreign minister mentioned, Greece presented concrete proposals that included the condemnation of terrorism, the opening of humanitarian channels, the release of civilian hostages, the non-targeting of civilians and the holding of an international conference to resolve the crisis.

She also took action: “A short time ago, her plane left of the Greek Air Forcewhich transports humanitarian aid to Sinai and finally to the Gaza Strip, from where it will then be channeled to the people in need.”

“Our intention is to continue providing assistance to our fellow human beings, as long as there is a need”, emphasized the Minister of Foreign Affairs. “At the same time, we are looking together with our partners at ways to transport humanitarian aid directly by sea.”

“We are making every effort to stop the hostilities so that this aid can arrive in time, but also to reach a sustainable peace in the region.”

He also mentioned that in the coming days he intends to go to Parisin order to discuss the coordination of these actions.

“Greece is convinced that in a constantly changing international environment, the International Organization of Francophonie is a factor of stability in the context of an effective multilateralism,” noted Mr. Gerapetritis.

“We consider him Organizationas an area of ​​shared values ​​and solidarity, whose main objective is to defend and promote the rule of law, democracy, as well as ensuring respect for human rights”.

“The contribution of Francophonie in an unstable world is more important through multilateralism and building bridges of understanding between peoples and governments”, he pointed out and concluded:

“Greece is ready to contribute to the efforts of Francophonie, in order to promote the values ​​that unite the French-speaking world and stability in the world.”