Against the elected mayor of Athens Harry Doukas, succeeded by his posting to X, the Minister of Labour Adonis Georgiadeson the occasion of the placement of Mr. Doukas in his case metro station in Exarchia. In fact, Mr. Georgiadis argued that the time is not far when “the Athenians will cry a black tear for their choice” and adds that he wishes he turns out to be a liar. Earlier, Mr. Doukas had spoken of a fait accompli of the outgoing municipal authority and had requested that the issue of the subway and the cutting of trees in Exarcheion square be put into consultation.

See the post by Adonis Georgiadis

The elected mayor Haris Doukas said about the Exarchia metro case: “A pro-people and pro-environmental project, such as the Metro, cannot be linked to the destruction of greenery. I call on all relevant bodies to ensure that every tree that is lost in Exarcheion Square is immediately replaced in the area. This is also my commitment from January 1 which I undertake.”