Her Greece, Cyprus and France praised the president of the European Council, Charles Michelfor their humanitarian efforts in Gaza.

“We support Israel’s right to defend itself and it must do so in accordance with international humanitarian law. The EU firmly defends the protection of citizens’ lives. The life of every civilian matters, always and everywhere,” said Mr. Michel, speaking at the European Parliament in Brussels.

He pointed out that a total siege is not in accordance with international law. “We are asking for humanitarian pauses and corridors in Gauzebecause humanitarian aid must urgently reach those in need,” underlined Mr. Michel.

In addition, Charles Michel noted that “the more the situation worsens, the more difficult it will be to work for a lasting peace in the future. Every hour that passes, more lives are destroyed, more families are torn apart.”

“We are working to help alleviate the pain. I particularly commend France, Greece, Cyprus and some others for their concrete actions, such as a naval hospital and a sea corridor. At the meeting in Paris tomorrow we will discuss and decide on more support,” the president of the European Council said.

Finally, Mr. Michel mentioned that the EU can help the Middle Eastwhile at the same time it will continue its strong support to Ukraine for as long as necessary.