Jovanovic: “The best result so that everything depends on us – The philosophy of Panathinaikos does not change”


The… triptych of success for him Panathinaikosin order to continue to define his fate and his European continuity, in view of tomorrow’s match with Wrenrevealed the Ivan Jovanovich.

Speaking at the usual press conference, at “Roisson Park”, the Serbian technician made it clear that the “clover” he is not going to change his racing “identity” and referred to his condition Juancarcharacterizing important his loss.

What Jovanovic said in detail:

About Ren and how he is waiting for her: “I’m waiting for her herself. Same way of thinking. They are a team that has a competitive style and supports it whether at home or away. I don’t expect anything different from what we know about Ren so far. A team that wants to run, to press, that wants rhythm, that pushes the opponent to its limits from all sides. It will be a similar game as the last one we played with them.”

About what needs to be done to reduce spaces and remain creative
: “I have emphasized many times that it is difficult for a team to change its style of play. The first match had a very good pace, it seemed that both teams in midfield had something to show, but in midfield they were insecure. It’s an ideal scenario to have a good pace and to be focused so that there are no gaps that Wren can take advantage of. Any mistake in these games can be fatal. With the way things are going we still have three matches, if we want to go through we have to try to get the best possible result. Tomorrow will be a similar game. The issue is whether we can have a better suspension function, make fewer mistakes and be focused throughout the game.”

About the winter weather in Rennes and the team’s philosophy: “The philosophy we have is not built on European matches but on league matches much more. It can’t change, I don’t want it to change. Until now in terms of the way of thinking it was the same. Either at home or away. We are not going to change our philosophy or do anything different. European matches have a higher pace, are more demanding in terms of intensity. There will definitely be a bigger burden and we have to perform much better, the level is higher. As for the weather, it is different, we forgot what winter is like, it seemed quite cold to us, but we will adapt. We are lucky to be in Greece for the weather conditions we have”.

For the need for a “double” in relation to what happened in Israel: “War is the worst thing that can happen to anyone and I don’t think about it at all. We look at all games seriously. We have a good group, three very good groups. All. The three matches showed us that they were close matches, there were no huge differences. We responded well. In some better, in others the opponent, naturally, was better. We want the best results so everything depends on us.”

For Juancar: “He himself has been coming to Koropi for the last two days, but he is not in the mood to train. He tried to run but couldn’t, he left him behind. It is still in the adjustment phase. I wish the interruption would do more things. I’m glad you asked me, it’s as if we forgot that there was a problem with one of our players, who can’t even train.”

For the pressure that exists in Rennes
: “We also have pressure. All of us. Teams that want to star are under constant pressure. It is not something foreign. Managing stress is normal. A little bigger, a little smaller but they all disappear when the match starts. Maybe Rennes due to results in the league, although they are playing better than the results they have, are under pressure. But it doesn’t matter. The pressure unites those who are looking for something more.”

Source: Sport Fm

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