The MEP does not surrender his seat Stelios Kouloglouwho speaking to ERT emphasized that the Stefanos Kasselakis wants to create a personal party, without intermediate bodies and statutes.

“I was voted in by 200,000 people. I think I absolutely kept the commitment I had made. I stayed steady in the positions. So the issue is long overdue. I think that Mr. Kasselakis brought it back now because he is a little angry with an analysis I did on tvxs writing, after yesterday’s meeting of the central committee of SYRIZA and his appearance, that he is good at arithmetic because he added opponents and problems, removed supporters, he multiplied the enemies and divided even his own camp and I analyzed elements of his personality and the way he works, which deepened the crisis of SYRIZA”, he stressed.

“I have nothing against Mr. Kasselakis. I hope he succeeds. Temporarily all samples negative. Here he could not face four executives of SYRIZA and caused a very big crisis, will he face Mr. Mitsotakis? A real answer is needed because the ND has been left without an opponent. He does what he wants and there are serious problems in society. Someone has to face them and I think that Mr. Kasselakis proved that he cannot face them” he added.

To the question “what is the goal of Mr. Kasselakis” he answered: “I have not understood exactly. First of all, it is obvious that he wants to take the party from the left and take it somewhere in the center to the center-right. These are the positions he expressed at the meeting of the Association of Greek Industrialists. All that I saw had nothing to do with SYRIZA, the left or the socialists, nor does the center in Europe say these things. He wants to make a personal party that is him and the mass, without intermediate bodies, without statutes and without respect for procedures. This he did now by putting, from America, outside the party some officials, which he had no right to do and by announcing a referendum which is a replacement”.

“He has the right to make a political confrontation but the question is whether this political confrontation helps SYRIZA or puts it in an even bigger crisis. Mr. Kasselakis did not start his own party. He took over a party with some procedures and these procedures and the statute wants to violate them because it doesn’t work for him,” said Mr. Kouloglou.

At the same time, he accused Mr. Kasselakis of not following the line of SYRIZA. “It created a crisis for no reason. The four executives were out with one foot, they were leaving at the weekend and he called a referendum. He alone decided, alone announced it, alone caused the reactions even of his own people. He wants to show that he is the sole leader of the party. A different opinion cannot be tolerated. At first he may seem kind but then he becomes aggressive… The man has nothing to do with politics or political tactics. In the case of PASOK, after years of controversy, a Kasselakis-Androulakis meeting took place for the first time and he came out the next day and cursed the president of PASOK and dynamited all the bridges. Because man does not know politics, nor does he know history. Therefore he cannot rule.”

He emphasized that it is necessary to have a real left party in Greece and noted that Alexis Tsipras is in a difficult position. “Even if he intervened things have taken a path to decay that he would not be able to stop. Possibly he should have made an intervention before the SYRIZA elections to say that no one was undermining him, nor that Ahtsioglu sent him sms blackmailing him to resign. Tsipras is responsible for both the triumphs of SYRIZA and the annihilations.”