Reply to Stefanos Kasselakis for the “cushion” of 37 billion euros on the SYRIZA government is given by Yannis Dragasakis to Stefanos Kasselakis, via Facebook.

Mr. Dragasakis informs the new president of SYRIZA that Mr Alexis Tsipras he had repeatedly stated that he was proud of the 37 billion euro cushion, and that the decision on the “cushion” was collective and saved the country.

In fact, he speaks of “undermining” by Stefanos Kasselakis of the “achievement” achieved in the period 2015-2019 by the SYRIZA government.

More specifically:

President, today you said “No more monumental decision has been made by the SYRIZA government than this pillow of Mr. Tsakalotos”.
So allow me some necessary points:
• Alexis Tsipras has repeatedly stated that he is proud of the pillow, considering it the achievement of #SYRIZA.
This, in fact, was not a decision of any minister, but a collective government choice. The cushion was not a memorandum obligation, but a necessary measure to facilitate the country’s exit to the markets. This is the reality. The options we had were “cushion or preventive credit line” requested by, for example, Yiannis Stournaras & presupposed a new memorandum.
• The official report of SYRIZA for the period 2012-19, the first and only one that has been made by a governing party in Greece, spoke of the achievement of the cushion, with which the fiscal sovereignty of the country was regained. The Report was voted almost unanimously by the party’s Central Committee.
President, I suggest you read the specific pages (pp. 72-74). And more generally, if you want to refer to the government’s work, it is necessary to read the Report of the party you lead, so that you do not expose yourself and do not give a grip to the ND with the slanderous arguments of the anti-SYRIZA front. In any case, do not undermine the collective work of SYRIZA in the period 2015-19 under the guidance & prime ministership of Alexis Tsipras. A collective effort that saved the country & is a historical achievement & legacy of the Left for the future.