“It is the first time after 14 years that an increase in the salaries of civil servants has been signed. In liability benefits, there is a 30% increase. For us, the role of those in a position of responsibility is very important. They are a driving force and can play a catalytic role in the overall upgrading of the public sector,” Minister of the Interior Niki Kerameos told SKAI and the show “Kalimera” with George Autias.

According to the minister, the increase that civil servants will receive “may exceed one salary, reaching 2,000 euros with the broader economic measures”.

Also, Ms. Kerameos underlined that “we want to send a message of strengthening the family and that is why there is an increase in child allowances”.

Speaking about the productivity bonus, the Minister of the Interior pointed out that “it is the first year of implementation of the productivity bonus and our aim is to extend it to the whole public sector, so that there is still a healthy incentive to improve the performance of public servants”, stressing that ” it implements the effort we are making for healthy incentives in the public sector, how we will improve performance in the public sector. Now goals are entered and the evaluation is based on whether you have achieved your goals.”

Regarding the evaluation, Ms. Kerameos stated that “public services will be evaluated by the citizens themselves. The first objective is to empower the voice of citizens and the second objective is to strengthen, and with this measure, the service provided to citizens. The aim is to implement it in the next period”.

However, the Minister of the Interior emphasized that “before someone takes a position in the public sector, they will pass a skills test. Criteria are entered, the first 15 pass to the next phase. The prime minister and the government decide to put additional filters of meritocracy and objectivity in order to have the best in these critical bodies”.

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