To investigate the reasons why the destroyer “Arrow” was found in danger and to ensure the protection of the historic ship, the Evangelos Apostolakison the occasion of publications accompanied by photographic material in which “the anti-destroyer (A/T) “Velos”, a symbol of the Anti-dictatorship struggle and a floating museum of the Navy, was severely hit by bad weather, causing a crack in its stern ship”.

In a statement, the head of the National Defense Department of the SYRIZA PS states that “the ship is moored at the new beach of Thessaloniki, where it is exposed to the weather” and emphasizes that “it is imperative to move the “Arrow” to the nearest port in order to protect it , but also to carry out the required work immediately to restore the damages that have been caused”. Furthermore, he notes on the one hand that “it is necessary to investigate the causes and conditions under which the ship was in danger for the second time” and, on the other hand, that “it is the State’s obligation to preserve this historic ship, a symbol of the struggle against the dictatorship and to arrange for its transfer to the place it belongs, that is, to the Naval Delivery Park”.