The reaction of Matina Pagonis was caused by the attack of Pavlos Polakis on the SYRIZA member of parliament, Sia Anagnostopoulos, after her criticism of him.

Speaking to SKAI and the “Today” show, Ms. Pagoni said about Polaki’s post, in which the former deputy health minister revealed the antiviral drug administered to Sia Anagnostopoulou and her husband when they fell ill in 2022 with the coronavirus: “The colleague escaped . These things are not said. And if the patient himself doesn’t have a problem, the doctor can’t say that.”

“I think he also realized that he has escaped. People can not be exposed whether they passed or did not pass covid. This mistake should not have been made for an additional reason because he was a deputy minister. He knows that we cannot discuss these things and expose them” continued Matina Pagoni.

“I think he has understood that he got away because this is not good for the patients, nor for the ministers” he added and revealed that they have been recipients of messages in which the image from Polaki’s post shows “don’t give the drug to Sia because it is SYRIZA and it was mediated by Polakis”.

The post of Pavlos Polakis on Saturday