A few days before his arrival in Athens and his meeting with Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the Erdogan puts the Thessaloniki “at the political and cultural borders of Turkey”, saying that “the geography of our heart reaches from the Adriatic to the Great Wall”.

“Thessalonica, Mosul, Jerusalem we see them as our own cities – Turkey’s political and cultural borders are not defined by its official borders” he said among other things.

As broadcast from Istanbul by Manolis Kostidis Erdogan said: “There is a reality that I want to remind. Turkey’s political and cultural borders are not defined by its official borders, but include a much wider area, from the Adriatic to the Great Wall of China.

Indeed, we feel the same about every centimeter of land in the geography of our heart. If we begin to treat these geographies as if they are outside of us, then the homeland is also at risk.

For this reason, we say that every event that happens in the four corners of our geography, from the Balkans to the Caucasus, from the Black Sea to the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, concerns us directly. The place of Karabakh in our hearts and the place of Gaza in our hearts is the same, just as we do not distinguish between Bosnia and Aleppo, Tripoli and Bactra, Thessaloniki and Mosul, this is how we see Jerusalem, the same as our own cities”.

Challenges from Fidan

Fidan talks about “Turkish minority in Thrace” and “homogenes in the Dodecanese”

“In Cyprus, if there is a negotiation, it will be between two states and not two communities.”

Erdogan’s new attack on Israel

The Turkish president repeated that “the holocaust has captured the leaders of Europe” and that “in Gaza the attacks are similar to those of the Crusades”.

He also said that Israel “carries out genocidal attacks and shields the Holocaust.”

In addition, Erdogan claims international recognition of the pseudo-state.

“In Gaza, since October 7th, an atrocity has been displayed in the literal sense of the term that is nothing like what happened during the Crusades a thousand years ago or during the Second World War 80 years ago.

» The shame of the Holocaust has captured the leaders in Europe. Not only the leaders but also the Western intellectuals, the media and the human rights organizations in the same way are trying to help Israel. The Israeli Government uses the Holocaust as a shield for its genocidal attacks against the Palestinians. Israel tries to stifle any reaction, including the call for a ceasefire, by labeling it anti-Semitism. We found this out once again with regret on our last trip to Germany.

» I am comfortable when I speak. Why; Because I don’t owe. But all of them owe Israel. And they are now paying debts. Here is the issue. But the shameful fact is that the Western countries are making a brotherhood of lies with Israel. to cover up the massacres”

Ankara is at an impasse with the fighters

Turkish media show Turkey’s impasse: “They don’t give us fighters, we’ll just get gliders,” say analysts. The scenarios of buying fighters from China and Russia are coming back.”

SOZCU TV news anchor Fatih Portakal said: “There is a fighter jet quiz going on in the country. We were going to buy F-35, but we didn’t succeed. Then we turned to the F-16s but we didn’t get the F-16s either. The US is not giving away the F-16s either. Then we found in Europe, the Eurofighter fighters, Germany put obstacles. We said nothing is happening. Then let’s take gliders!”.

Opposition blames Erdogan for U-turns – Show Turku MP to Fidan with photos of Erdogan

Said Veli Agbaba, a member of parliament from the Republican People’s Party: “This is President Erdogan’s statement. It is a dinner where Erdogan declared that I am not sitting at the same table as Sisi. Which Erdogan are we talking about? Here is President Erdogan saying this. Maybe he is the president of the Justice and Development Party. And this is President Erdogan! See the intimacy You too, Mr. Minister. See my friends the intimacy! They are touching their knees and have close looks. We had sent two of our MPs to Egypt and they accused us of being coup plotters”.