The acquisition of the Rafale fighters, but also the imminent acquisition of the F-35, has really upset Turkey.

As reported by Manolis Kostidis, on today’s front page of the Turkish newspaper Millyet, it is characteristically written “Double Greece’s plan for the F-35”

What is the… “dribble” against the Turks?

“Turkey plans to receive 40 Eurofighters two years before the Greek F-16s,” the Turkish newspaper said. “Turkey will stop the project of air supremacy of Greece with Rafale and F-35″ is noted.

“Analysts here say that the shift to Eurofighters means that there is no hope for the F-16s (modernization of old ones – and mainly acquisition of new ones)” commented the SKAI correspondent in Istanbul.

The role of Berlin

However, Turkish Defense Ministry sources admitted that “Germany refuses the concession of the Eurofighter because of Greece”.

“Turkey’s tension with Greece brings Berlin’s objections,” explained the Turkish network NTV.