The vertical opposition and opposition of SYRIZA-PS to its plan Mitsotakis government to consolidate the Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Enterprises (DEWA) and in the end to privatize their operation through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP), expressed the President of the Parliamentary Group of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, Socrates Famousin a meeting he held with the Panhellenic Federation of Employees of Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Companies (POE-DEVA).

Also participating on behalf of SYRIZA-PS were the Heads of the Departments: Interior, Iota Poulos, Environment and Energy, Miltos Zambaras and Rural Development and Food, Vasilis Kokkalis.

“Mr. Mitsotakis’ plan will lead to the degradation of water and sewage services and their privatization. The criterion will no longer be the service of local communities and development, but the profits of water service providers”

“The government after society’s resounding no to the privatization of EYATH and EYDAP, as this was also expressed in demonstrations, has now set its sights on MONDAY. He tries to put them together MONDAYto remove their direct management from the municipal authorities as well as their proximity to the citizen, leading to the concession of their management to private individuals through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP),” said S. Famellos.

“On the one hand, the government’s plan calls into question the existing jobs, but above all it calls into question citizens’ access to the public good of water, as well as the property of the Municipalities. It’s a pre-planned hit on multiple levels.”

He also noted that the government’s first four-year plan included the creation of an Independent Water Management Authority (IAWMA) by expanding its powers Energy Regulatory Authority. And now he is proceeding with the demolition of DEYA: “the government chose first of all to bankrupt DEYA with the exorbitant energy costs and now, under the pretext of the big issues that have arisen with DEYA’s liquidity and water tariffs, it is coming to complete the final plan that it is nothing more than the creation of regional DEYAs, the loss of administrations from the Municipalities and then the entry of private individuals through PPP in the management of water supply and sewage.

He pointed out that SYRIZA-PS also supports workers, the institution of DEYA and access to the public good of water and declared in favor of creating a social alliance in this direction: “we have a long way to go to overturn the Skylakakis-Mitsotakis plan , but all of us here today will cooperate so that this plan does not materialize. What has priority is to inform the local communities and to take a position on the municipal councils. And it is necessary to highlight the responsibilities of the government and ND MPs”.

On behalf of the WTO-DEWA, ​​the following participated in the meeting: President, Dragolas Pavlos, Vice President, Mitrakos Achilleas, Member of the Board of Directors, Gourobinos Christos, Legal Advisor, Spyros Balatsoukas.