Parliament – Examination finding: High tones for the manipulation of public opinion

Parliament – Examination finding: High tones for the manipulation of public opinion

With frontal attacks between the majority MPs and the opposition ended in Plenary session of Parliament the discussion of its conclusion Examination Committee “To investigate the operation of political manipulation of public opinion, degradation of institutions and waste of public money”.

Among the deputies of the majority, among others, Dimitris Markopoulos accused the official opposition that he wanted to set up a “show” examination committee but “we did not allow it to develop into a ridiculous bar. In trials in Moscow … that you wanted to set up with politicians “and he concluded that” it is – a pity! The country should have such an official zero-sum opposition, which has Mrs. Christodoulopoulou, the “green guards” and Pavlos Polakis as emblematic personalities “. ND MP Vassilis Ypsilantis, for his part, blamed the main opposition party for “needing policies and proposals and politically incinerated with the establishment of the commission of inquiry, seeking not to control but to politically and morally tarnish the ND government.” . ND MP Babis Papadimitriou pointed out that “SYRIZA’s effort fell on deaf ears”, the Commission “was used as a tool in the violent war it has set up against the media” to “set up political trials and not to examine objective facts” as well. “From the evidence and testimonies of the witnesses, nothing wrong emerged.” Your treasure, he said, “turned out to be ‘coals’ and that’s why you then tried to collect the uncollected.” Addressing the SYRIZA MPs, he said “that it is not the fault of any polling company but your own dead-end policy”, noting that the SYRIZA conclusion is “an incredible distortion of the real facts”.

On the part of the official opposition, among others, the deputy head of SYRIZA, Natasa Gara, complained that “on Mitsotaki’s orders, the government is manipulating information and hurting the Republic” and added that the Petsa lists highlight the “ethics” and practical of ND in the squandering of public money, in the bribes, the concealment, the manipulation, the entanglement and the intimidation “You set up, he said” an Inquiry for the “Petsa lists” without Mr. Petsas! However, you did not manage to hide the truth “,” the responsibilities for the millions of the list and they have the signatures of Mitsotakis and Petsas. This is an unbelievable waste of public money, and the food and drink would continue if SYRIZA did not expose you “, saying that” these huge responsibilities should be immediately investigated by Justice “. SYRIZA MP, Theodora Tzakri, stressed that “the Petsa list is the list of manipulation, humiliation of democratic institutions and institutional diversion.” He accused the majority of turning the commission of inquiry into a “parody” as it did not allow the examination of key witnesses who were “the publishers of the day” and “its canal accomplices” and said that the “Petsa list” is just the showcase behind which hides a comprehensive plan of manipulation not only of the joints of power but also of the institutions protected by the Constitution of the Republic “saying that” it is a matter of life and death for the country, to become a purely quality open and democratic society where citizens will learn from multiple sources the truth, without manipulation, where justice will punish the crooked and politicians will be voted and voted against freely by well-informed citizens, without bags, lists, fake polls and cover-ups “. SYRIZA MP Christos Giannoulis, among other things, said that “the” Petsa list “provided provocative funding to parasitic media that impersonates journalists and publishers”, noting that “the” Fourthiotides “throughout Greece do not only affect your political future , affect democracy. The pillar of which is the freedom of the press and the freedom of opinion “and not the” extortion and redemption “that you have been doing for three years because you” fear the truth, the transparency, the honesty “.

From KINAL, his MP, Haris Kastanidis, pointed out that from the work of this Committee of Inquiry, created on the initiative of the minority, an institutional issue arises which is the immediate obligation of the Parliament to amend its Rules of Procedure, so that the governing majority may not at least invalidate the Commission’s investigative rights. The second institutional issue that emerges is the immediate obligation of the state to legislate measures, weights and criteria for the way in which the respective government manages state advertising. The third institutional issue that arises is the obligation of the Conference of Presidents to remember the relevant provision of the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament, by which it can recall the members of an Independent Authority in the same way that it appointed them. KINAL MP, Costas Skandalidis remarked that “everyone and his conclusion” once again but added that “we are not all the same. We institutionalized the transparency that you resisted, here and there. We sent our executives to justice. We are consistent with the principle “everything is in the light” and he added “we are all talking about the end of the Metapolitism. We have entered a new era, in which democracy needs an institutional reorganization. “The political system must, after an endless journey, finally be taught that the pathogenesis it has created cannot be tackled unless there are radical changes at the institutional level that protect transparency and, at the same time, prevent manipulation.”

The parliamentary representative of the KKE, Nikos Karathanassopoulos, stated that the Committee of Inquiry “undoubtedly arose from the government’s political responsibilities”. The government, he said, “did everything it could not to investigate the case and close it” and if everything was “well done”, there would be no reason for ND to avoid a full examination of the case, instead he chose to remain clouds “. He pointed out that every government wants to create a friendly environment through the media and that is why it is convenient for ND and SYRIZA to throw mud to trap the popular discontent “. He feared, he stressed, “the radicalization of the popular strata, fear the organized struggling people.”

MERA25 MP Maria Apatzidi described the Inquiry as a “fiasco”, noting that “the existence of different findings enables the ruling party to hide behind its paid, media and partisan speech”. “We, as MERA25, believe that the Left’s must and must put the political substance at the center, which is the ownership of the media by the oligarchs.” The only solution, he argued, “is the combination of democracy and innovation with a view to socializing the media and exercising democratic, social control over it.”

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