BBB 22: Jade team snubs Avon, brand responds and is praised by Boninho


The team that takes care of Jade Picon’s social networks caused a fair fight with Avon, one of the sponsors of Big Brother Brasil 22. In the early hours of Wednesday (9), on Twitter, an internet user asked the administrators of the influencer’s profile what is the red lipstick that the sister has been using on the show.

“Must be from that brand over there,” replied Jade’s team. Despite the snub, Avon’s profile countered the comment stating the name of the product to the follower. “Call one of my representatives so you can also look perfect with the lipstick ‘from that brand there'”, joked the brand.

Later, after the negative repercussion, Jade’s team published a new profile picture highlighting the red lipstick of “Mrs Avon”.

The company took the opportunity to change its name on the profile for a period to “that brand there” and retweeted Jade’s publication: “I changed my name, did you like it?”, he asked. The company’s action was highlighted by Boninho, director of the BBB, on Instagram. “That’s why I love Avon so much hahahaha. We have the same good mood,” he wrote.

Asked, Avon, through its press office, said that it is a sponsor of the BBB and “holds exclusivity in the segment”. He also informed that the dialogues in the networks took place organically, without prior alignment.

Sought, the team that takes care of Jade’s nets did not comment until the conclusion of this text.

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