With the approval of the two texts of the decision of the Central Committee and the Plan of Positions for the Congress, the work of the Central Committee of SYRIZA-PS.

The text of the decision unanimously approvedwhile the Position Plan was approved by the overwhelming majority of members with two abstentions.

At the Central Committee, the process of drawing up the European ballot was decided. According to her, on January 25, the process of expressing interest in the European elections will begin. Those interested will submit CVs to i-syriza. There will be a first evaluation by the Political Secretariat and the final list will be put up for approval again through i-syriza to all party members. According to information, in his speech at the closing of the meeting, Mr. Kasselakis noted that “the preliminary procedure of the European ballot is a cross-cutting proposal, it will help people approach SYRIZA-PS and get to know us”. Iristhos mentioned in passing that “if I hadn’t met Kapnisakis and Polakis, I wouldn’t be in SYRIZA now.”

He referred to the issue of SYRIZA-PS joining the Eurosocialists after a party referendum as proposed by the members of the Central Committee, Yiannis Ragousis, Thanasis Theocharopoulos and Costas Zachariadis and already argued by executives such as Yiannis Mazouranis and Maria Repoussi.

According to information, in his speech Mr. Kasselakis mentioned that the proposal is not a firework, it has a basis, and will be discussed at the party conference. However, noted that the identity of SYRIZA will not change. SYRIZA will not become a management party. He reminded of course that he himself has expressed his opinion that he wants SYRIZA to be the leading force in the European Left, but beyond that he accepts other opinions that will be discussed at the Conference.

According to the same information, Mr. Kasselakis said that in the near future the legislative initiative of SYRIZA will unfold and it will table the oldest proposal of 2018 for the separation of state and church as well as a proposal for a law to facilitate adoption. At the same time, SYRIZA will develop its positions on current issues such as accuracy. He even emphasized that the proposal for accuracy, like the other proposals, will be fully costed and justified. SYRIZA is also preparing a proposal for the cost and price of electricity. At the same time it forms comprehensive proposal for the reconstruction of the state. According to Mr. Kasselakis, it will be a big groundbreaking program for how SYRIZA wants the state, it will be a “big state that will solve the problems, and SYRIZA will show how it will be done”.

The program of the president of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance, Stefanos Kasselakis, for tomorrow Monday

The issues that concern the people of Culture will be at the center of the meetings of the President of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance, Stefanos Kasselakis and the Head of the Culture Department of the party, Kyriakis Malamas, on Monday, January 15, 2024, inaugurating a wider round of contacts and meetings related to our cultural heritage.

At 10:30 am will be held, in the context of a first cycle, a meeting with the Associations of workers who are active in the fields of highlighting and protecting our cultural heritage, as well as in the promotion of scientific knowledge, in the Parliament,

At 18:30, also in the context of a first round of contacts with employees of the area, a meeting will be held with the Panhellenic Federation of Performing Arts (POTHA) and its Unions, at its offices (Gladstonos 10, Athens). |

At 21:00, the president of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance will attend the emblematic play “The Boy with Two Hearts” by Afghan writers Hamed and Hesaam Amiri at the “Alma” theater. Based on the true story of the authors’ family, the work is a story about the anguish of the refugee, the joys and sorrows that accompany the journey into the unknown.