Yannis Anifantis

The Minister of State Makis Voridis harshly criticized SYRIZA and PASOK from the government seats of the plenary session of the parliament, accusing the two opposition parties of pretentious arguments for changing their position on the postal vote, just a few hours before the vote on the relevant bill took place .

“You stay accountable, exposed and I can’t believe that serious parties change their opinion on a whim”, stressed Makis Voridis, with him wondering if they didn’t believe in the letter in the first place.

Did your heart from the beginning was to vote against it and now you are finding pretexts?“, the minister wondered, stressing that “whether an amendment is overdue cannot be a pretext” for what they will vote on a top issue.

Makis Voridis, called on the two parties to adhere to the stance they had announced, voting for the bill, pointing out that “on major issues, tactics tire citizens».

PASOK’s special buyer picked up the gauntlet from the oppositionPanagiotis Doudonis, commenting that it is a world first that “a minister who will not vote for a Government bill takes the floor and blames the opposition, because he will not vote for another Government bill”, leaving clear points for the attitude of Makis Voridis against the draft law on the marriage of same-sex couples.

However, referring to the amendment for the extension of postal voting, the PASOK MP emphasized that the ND is not withdrawing it “because this government shares with the Pope the claim of infallibility, or rather it did, because the Pope also changed his mind».