New tension was noted in Karditsa, at the farmers’ blockades on the E65 highway.

This time the farmers leave the scene.

Alongside an injury was recorded while an adduction took place.

The tractors remain at the entrance of Karditsa.

The atmosphere was already tense and earlier when the farmers managed to break through the police cordon and went up the highway on foot

The police prevented them from closing the E65 highway with their tractors and the National Road and stop traffic.

The flood-affected farmers protested strongly to the policewho had also made their own “block”

The farmers were confronted by police forcesMAT and cages, which have blocked access to the motorway.

The representatives of the agricultural movement, outraged, blamed the government that instead of responding to their just demands, he chooses, once again, “authoritarianism and repression”.

“We will not back down, the National will be trampled by the tires of the farmers therefore the more bloodless it becomes, the more nicely and quietly we will protest to show our problems. You are our children, come with us and throw a punch at those who have brought you down and put you down if you hit mother, father and barbadosan angry farmer shouted at a policeman.

Farmers and police officers had heated arguments that turned into incidents where tear gas was also fired.