The downward spiral of the ND government has no end, says SYRIZA-PS in a statement commenting on the reactions of ministers and parliamentarians to the European Parliament’s resolution on the rule of law in our country.

ND ministers and MPs can hide neither their irritation nor their panic”, reports SYRIZA -PS and explains “They are attacking the Greek MEPs who voted in favor of the resolution by which the European Parliament condemns the Mitsotakis government for the flagrant violations of the State Law and Freedom of the Press in Greece».

Continuing, he attacks the Minister of State, ‘Akis Schertsos: “With his posting on social networks, the Minister of State, ‘Akis Schertsos, succeeds against the Greek MEPs with expressions that remind us of dark and institutionally dangerous times. Mr. Schertso fails to mention that the resolution was approved by a total of 330 MEPs from five Parliamentary Groups, including seven from the European People’s Party, to which New Democracy belongs. He attacks the MEPs who defend the Rule of Law and Freedom of the Press in our country, instead of answering whether the government will comply with the strict recommendations of the resolution».

In closing, he states:The ND government, instead of learning from its mistakes, is unfortunately becoming even more arrogant, toxic and dangerous. There is no end to her descent.».