Parliament: The discussion of the contracts for strengthening the defense shield is in progress – “No” SYRIZA at 6 Rafale


The plenary debate on the bill, which brings into force draft agreements in the field of national defense, which strengthen the operational capabilities of the Navy and the Air Force, has been evolving in the plenary since this morning.

As certain terms of the contracts to be concluded differ from the existing provisions for the performance of procurement contracts in the field of defense, it was deemed necessary to amend the relevant legislative framework, with the approval of the to conclude them.

The rapporteur of ND, Dionysis Hatzidakis, the first speaker to take the podium, was in favor of procuring the three Belhara frigates, “because the main body of the Navy fleet is frigates aged 30 and 40”. The supply is extremely advantageous, because we buy three frigates at the price of two and we have the option for a fourth frigate, as Mr. Hatzidakis said, noting that the new frigates with which the Navy is equipped are “the best is on the market “. Regarding the purchase of torpedoes, the ND MP stated that it is not possible for our most modern submarines to have torpedoes from the 70’s and stressed that the new heavy-duty torpedoes for the Navy, the so-called “cod” that will be remote-controlled with fiber optics, is the most perfect on the market. In relation to the Rafale, he pointed out that the amendment of the original contract was deemed necessary because one squadron numbers 24 aircraft and is part of the logic of 12 slightly used and 12 new. Mr. Hatzidakis, referring to the patriotic feeling of all the wings of the Parliament, called on the opposition to send a message that the political forces are united in the defense of the country.

The rapporteur of SYRIZA, George Tsipras, He said that the Parliament is called to vote on very serious contracts between the Ministry of National Defense and private companies and blamed the government for buying new systems, seeking their prior approval by the Parliament, and thus violates the national defense plan that records the institutional sequence of actions that must be taken in order for the minister to make a decision. In the case of the contracts that are currently being discussed in the Plenary, as Mr. Tsipras said, the legislation was preferred because the institutional steps provided by the national defense planning were not done and the supplies are proceeding with direct assignment. For the Belhara frigates, he noted that it is a supply that had been launched by the SYRIZA government and added that these ships will enhance the operational capability of the Navy. In this climate, the SYRIZA rapporteur stressed that his party is voting for the frigate contracts, but will not do the same with the other contracts for the Rafale, because the contract for the additional six Rafale is a “fragmentary action that it is not part of the national defense plan “, as the prime minister first decided, first he announced and then the Armed Forces submitted the request for their supply. He also stressed that the domestic defense industry is absent from all contracts, which could be involved in construction, maintenance, support. “Defense is not an end in itself. Greece is degraded in international diplomacy. A country, a government and a policy, which is a given, is quiet, is self-limiting, then it is doomed to be constantly degraded in international relations. “And that will not change and can not change with the purchase of any weapons system,” said Mr. Tsipras.

As it was made clear from the beginning, so today, the special spokesman of the Movement for Change, Vassilis Kegeroglou, stated that his party will vote “yes” in the bill but emphasizes the issue of “weak” participation of the domestic defense industry. “The PASOK-Movement for Change puts the interest of Greece above all. The integration of advanced systems is crucial for strengthening the deterrent capability of the Armed Forces “, said the MP of the Movement for Change and pointed out that the national defense is a complex process, which involves a number of factors and requires a comprehensive plan at diplomatic and defense level. Given this, the MP called on all political forces to contribute to a climate of national reconciliation, especially today when Turkey is escalating its threats against Greece.

The special spokesman of the KKE, Nikolas Papanastasis, stressed the dangers of Greece’s participation in NATO plans and the fact that “Greece is becoming part of the conflict that is evolving in the region and has become a vast NATO base.” “The KKE will not celebrate with you, today, it will not participate in your celebrations for the new equipments. “Because you have already submitted this part of the armament puzzle to strengthen the NATO machine”, noted for the contracts that will be voted today, Mr. Papanastasis, who underlined that Greece is in danger from a NATO ally, “the “NATO turns its back on Turkish aggression”, “NATO does not recognize the borders in the Aegean”. The war expenses that the country is making are fully integrated in the plans of NATO, the USA, the EU and have nothing to do with the defense needs of the country, as Mr. Papanastasis said.

The special speaker of the Greek Solution, Antonis Mylonakis, as in the phase of elaboration of the bill in the committee of the Parliament, so in the Plenary he stated that the Greek Solution is in favor of the bill. Mr. Mylonakis also stressed the need to strengthen the domestic defense industry, noting that Turkey is the one that covers 70% of its defense spending from its own industry.

The special speaker of MERA25, Sofia Sakorafa, He stressed that Greece is involved in conflicts, as a participant in international alliances, that is, it becomes a pawn on their chessboard and at the same time is obliged to repay such systems, without this attitude having a substantial and real relationship with the defense of the country’s sovereign rights.

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