Its MPs opposed the bill for equality in civil marriage Greek Solution, Spartans and Victoryat the meeting of the competent parliamentary committees.

“The bill abolishes paternity and motherhood and abolishes children’s rights that come from nature”, said the special buyer of the Hellenic Solution Pavlos Sarakisduring the second reading of the Civil Marriage Equality Bill.

The legislator should defend the rights of children, who cannot speak and we should not grant privileges to the wishes of adults, said the Hellenic Solution MP who read to the committee the memorandum sent to the parliamentary committees by the child psychiatrist and teenagers Kalliopi Prokopakis.

The specialist buyer of Niki George Apostolakis he said that “LGBT marriage is against the law of the Gospel” and that “it will become a ticking bomb in the foundations of Greek society, it will become the starting point of the institutional recognition as, marriage and other strange forms of cohabitation”. Also, Nikis MP Nikos Papadopoulos wondered if the former presidents of New Democracy also agree with “marriages, engagements” and if they also want to see “men pretending to be Greek mothers or newborn mothers”.

The Spartans’ special buyer Petros Dimitriadis criticized those who call those who defend the traditional family homophobic and obscurantist. We are voting against the bill because we believe in the traditional family, said the special buyer of the Spartans and emphasized that the promoted provisions are contrary to the Constitution and provisions for the protection of the family, as the core of the advancement of the nation. “We vote against the bill not out of hatred for homosexuals but as an act of support and love for the traditional family,” said Mr. Dimitriadis.