Despite the temporary truce between Stefanos Kasselakis and the members of the Political Secretariat of SYRIZA, ahead of the party’s conference, the rift remains in Koumoundourou, since the time credit requested by the president until the national elections of 2027 was not accepted.

In particular, at the stormy meeting of the FO, Stefanos Kasselakis’ call for a new intra-party election process in case he is challenged, with SYRIZA officials even pointing out the risk of dissolution, caused reactions.

Finally, both Kostas Zachariadis, who had stated, referring to Stefanos Kasselakis, that SYRIZA did not elect a monarch, and George Tsipras, who raised the issue of leadership, lowered their voices after the meeting of the Political Secretariat.

The correlations within SYRIZA will become clearer during the conference, which begins tomorrow Thursday amid internal party turmoil.

With reference to the assessment of the balance after the meeting, it seems that Stefanos Kasselakis received the trust of the top executives of the Political Secretariat for the conference and also for the crucial battle of the European elections. He also managed to keep the questionnaire in isyriza which is unknown if he will use it in any way at the conference.

On the contrary, Mr. Kasselakis’ minuses include the fact that he did not manage to get time credit if the European elections do not go well for the official opposition party, as well as the fact that Mr. Kasselakis does not seem to have a majority within the Political Secretariat.
In the meantime, in the wake of the intra-party turmoil that culminated in the SYRIZA PG, the 4th conference of SYRIZA-PS begins on Thursday afternoon.

The conference will be held at the facilities of the Tae Kwon Do Stadium, in Paleo Faliro, while Stefanos Kasselakis’ speech is scheduled for Thursday afternoon (19.00-20.00).