Pavlos Polakis launches direct shots against Alexis Tsipras with his post on Facebook, on the occasion of the former prime minister’s interview at the Kathimerini Conference.

Mr. Polakis attacks Alexis Tsipras because he did not go to the SYRIZA conference, but went to the Kathimerini conference and accuses him of “the delusion of a large part of the SYRIZA leadership that “Justice would do its job”.

Pavlos Polakis’s post in more detail:

WRONG, Comrade Alexis Tsipras!
– It was unfortunate that you did not come to the conference to say these things, but you went to the conference of Kathimerini
-Unfortunate was the delusion of a large part of the SYRIZA leadership that “Justice would do its job”.
The Justice that filed with “unspecified amounts” Georgiadis and Avramopoulos, that issued a will to acquit Loverdos despite the CRUSHING evidence, the Justice that did not put Lignadis in prison, the Justice that is still “spinning” about Predator and Tempi, the Justice that condemned Nikos Pappa because he forced the channel owners to pay!!
(I can say more but not now)
– It was not the competition for the channels of Nikos Pappa and Lefteris Kretsos that was unfortunate, but the political choice after the decision of the STE that rejected the competition to NOT RE-REGRAMME by changing the regulations of the Parliament, changing the composition of the body of the presidents of the Parliament and choosing a new one ESR who would do the SAME CONTEST!!
This is how we would prove that we would go all the way to the END as we did with the contractors in the hospitals that the STE threw the first law at us, but we re-legislated and EXPELLED the contractors in 77 hospitals, winning in the European court as well!!