Reabciuk in Russia: In a match with AEK that we were losing, Marinakis jumped into the field and started kicking balls


Unforgettable seems to remain in Oleg Reabchiuk his entrance Vangelis Marinakis in last year’s defeat (1-3) of Olympiakos by AEK in the Playoffs of the Stoiximan Super League.

The former left-back of Piraeus gave an interview in Russia, where he continues his career with their shirt Spartak Moscow. On the occasion of his team’s derby with Zenit, he answered a series of questions about the situation he had encountered in Greece.

Last season in a game against AEK, in which we were losing, he jumped into the field and started kicking balls. And then the fans started a…pogrom“, he initially said about Vangelis Marinakis in a question related to whether the strong man of the “red and white” was often a topic in the press.

From there, he referred to the atmosphere he encountered in the Tubabut also in the title goal he scored at PAOK’s home ground in 2022.

He emphasized that Olympiacos is a team with “crazy” fans and which always fights for the title.

In detail, Oleg Ryabchiuk talked about:

-whether the Greek version of the matches between Spartak and Zenit are the games between Olympiakos and PAOK:From the time you leave the hotel until the final whistle of the match, you feel it. You arrive at the stadium two hours before kick-off and the stands are already full! The whistles pierce your ears. At the same time, an away match at such a venue is like a battle on foreign soil, since Greece prohibits the movement of fans in derbies between the major teams. Otherwise, we’d have dead people, it’s that simple. So every time we went to Thessaloniki we had thousands of fans in front of us. The players of PAOK and Panathinaikos experienced the same thing at our home».

– the fact that, as reported by the journalist of “Sport-Express”, Ivan Savvidis was often the subject of the Russian media since his previous employment there and whether the same is happening with Vangelis Marinakis in Greece:Yes, he too (employs the press). Last season in a game against AEK, in which we were losing, he jumped into the field and started kicking balls. And then the fans started a…pogrom. Football is very hot in Greece».

– the most intense moment he experienced from a match against PAOK:Probably May 2022. If we won, we would win the championship. We played in Thessaloniki. The opposition took the lead but we equalized and then I scored the winning goal. In the end we won the title and started the party inside their stadium, in the heart of the enemy. Unforgettable feeling. But, of course, we couldn’t dance enough on the pitch, we had to go back to the dressing room».

-how difficult it was to adapt to Spartak’s new demands:My first difficulty was not the new coach or the new demands. It was me. Because before the transfer I had to work individually for two weeks, since my former club knew I was leaving and took me out of the general group. So it took time to get into training and playing rhythm in the new team, to get back into shape. As for the adjustment, it went well and quickly. The coaches, partners, all Spartak employees helped me a lot».

-in which transition was there more pressure, from Pakos Ferreira to Olympiacos or from Olympiacos to Spartak Moscow:I think in the first case. There the difference was simply colossal. Olympiacos is a team that always fights for the title. The fans are crazy and the stadium is always full. On the streets they were constantly being discovered, asked about something, said something. And when I moved to Spartak, I was already ready for it. I played about 50 matches in European cups for Olympiakos. I hope that I will play there with Spartak when the situation in the world returns to normal».

– the fact that, according to reports, Spartak paid 6 million euros for his acquisition and the expectations that exist for him:I know what I can do and how I can help the team. I don’t want to talk about specific numbers and details of the deal, but let’s be honest: You can’t leave a club of the level of Olympiakos for little money».

Source: Sport Fm

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